Privacy Policy
  1. The Website is owned and managed by Bumbo Distribution South Africa Proprietary Limited (Registration No. 2015/298807/07) (Bumbo SA). This privacy policy (the Privacy Policy) is binding on any person who accesses or uses the Website or any mobile applications that may be made available by Bumbo SA (the User). The Bumbo SA online store which is a feature of the Website (the Store), is operated by Bumbo SA.
  2. By accessing the Website, the person that accesses the Website (the User) accepts and agrees to this Privacy Policy and expressly consents to the use and disclosure of their personal information in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. If the User does not agree to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, the User may not access or use this Website.
  3. Bumbo SA reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy or add provisions to it at any time. By continuing to access and/or use this Website, the User agrees to the amended versions of the Website.
Information collected
  1. If a User accesses the Website without giving Bumbo SA any personal information, Bumbo SA or their third-party service provider may still gather certain non-personal information, including information regarding the User’s activities on the Website.
  2. If the User registers with the Website, Bumbo SA will collect and use the User’s personal information. This information may include, without limitation, the User’s name and contact details, financial information, transaction history and details of the User’s visits to the Website.
Purpose for which personal information is used

The purposes for which Bumbo SA uses personal information includes, but is not limited to:

  1. providing goods and services to the User;
  2. facilitating the User’s transactions on the Website;
  3. improving the products and services offered by Bumbo SA as well as the User’s experience when using the Website;
  4. marketing, promote and advertise products and services to the User;
  5. communicating with the User for Bumbo SA’s internal purposes; and
  6. research conducted by Bumbo SA.
Release of personal information
  1. Bumbo SA may release the User’s personal information or disclose it to third parties in certain circumstances, including, but not limited to the following:
    1. if they are required or allowed to do so by law or a court order;
    2. in order for them to enforce rights;
    3. in order for them to provide goods or services to the User.
  1. For purposes relating to the Website, Bumbo SA uses systems that are sufficiently secure with reference to accepted technological standards at the time of transactions. Bumbo SA uses 128 – bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology when processing the User’s financial details and Bumbo SA’s registration documents and the Website’s registered domain name are checked and verified by DigiCert.
  2. Bumbo SA will secure the integrity and confidentiality of Users’ personal information in its possession and under its control by taking appropriate, reasonable technical and organisational measures to prevent: (i) loss of, damage to or unauthorised destruction of personal information; and (ii) unlawful access to or processing of personal information.
Marketing and promotional material
  1. Bumbo SA may from time to time send marketing and promotional material to the User. By registering on the Website, the User consents to Bumbo SA sending such material to the User.
    1. The User may unsubscribe from receiving further marketing and promotional material. If the User wishes to do so, the User can follow the “unsubscribe” link in the material or send an email to Bumbo SA.
    2. Bumbo SA occasionally partners with other companies and institutions (third parties) for promotions, campaigns and competitions. If the User is subscribed to the third-party database, the User may receive marketing material from the third party even though the User may have unsubscribed from Bumbo SA’s marketing material.
    3. After placing an order, Bumbo SA will send the User transactional emails for the purpose of keeping the User informed on the status of the order and to enable the User to track the User’s order. When placing an order, the User consents to Bumbo SA contacting the User for purposes relating to the execution of the order. Transactional emails are not considered marketing communications and/or direct marketing.
Transfer of personal information

Personal information collected by Bumbo SA may be transferred to persons in other countries. The User consents to such transfer. Bumbo SA will take reasonable steps to ensure that such persons have appropriate privacy measures in place.

  1. cookies
    1. The Website makes use of cookies. Cookies store information regarding Users. Cookies have various purposes, such as improving the User’s experience on the Website and to facilitate the User’s use of the Website.
    2. Users may disable or decline cookies. However, if the User does so, the User might not be able to use the Website properly and certain aspects of the Website might not function.